A small blue and white porcelain jar. Kangxi Period

Its full globular body painted to the exterior in cobalt blue below a keyfret band with four gourd-shaped frames filled with taotie masks, yinyang symbols and other archaistic designs, separated by four zoomorphic masks at the shoulder, each above a blossom, the foot encircled with a horizontal ring; the neck, recessed base and low foot rim unglazed revealing the fine fabric of the body.. 4 1/4in (10.8cm) high. Estimate: $800 - 1,200


Two small blue and white globular jars. Kangxi Marks and Period

Each similarly formed with an unglazed conical neck and narrow decorative band at the shoulder, one jar painted with a continuous scene of scholars on a palace veranda viewing constellations in the night sky, the other jar with messengers carrying a victory vase to an official standing before a screen of state, the recessed bases displaying a six-character min yao mark in underglaze blue. . 5 3/4in (14.5cm) high. Estimate: $3,000 - 5,000


A blue and white porcelain yenyen vase with figure decoration. Kangxi

Of archaistic gu form, its trumpet neck encircled with a scene of officials approaching a ruler standing before a screen of state, the convex band at mid-section with children at play while the spreading foot area is filled with another audience scene; together with the lower half of a yenyen vase with two bands of similar decoration. [2]. 16 3/4in (42.5cm) high. Estimate: $5,000 - 7,000


A blue and white porcelain yenyen vase. Kangxi

Its trumpet neck and curving body painted with similar panels of faceted garden rocks amid seasonal flowering branches and flowers, a narrow pearl band finishing the underside of the rim and the outer edge of the foot while simple striping accents the raised ribs at the join of the neck to the upper body.. 17 1/8 (43.5cm) high. Estimate: $6,000 - 9,000


A blue and white porcelain brush pot. Kangxi

Of simple cylindrical form with a narrow pine branch band encircling its exterior walls above whimsical depictions of scholars engaged in the 'Four Accomplishments' within an extended garden setting, a narrow countersunk depression centering the slightly concave base painted with an artemisia leaf mark. 6 3/8in (16cm) high . Estimate: $7,000 - 9,000


A blue and white porcelain yenyen vase. Kangxi

Thickly potted and boldly painted in shades of pale cobalt with cusped reserves depicting each of the 'Eight Immortals' against a floral diaper ground. 17 3/4in (45.5cm) high. Estimate: $6,000 - 9,000


A pair of massive blue and white chargers. Kangxi

The impressive pair similarly decorated in underglaze grayish-blue, the broad floor filled with Daoist musicians and their attendants in the shade of a pine tree at hillside, surrounded by a band of lotus flowers and Daoist emblems to the short cavetto, the gently sloping wide rim with additional Daoist figures framed within reserves against a geometric patterned ground. . 21 5/8in (54.7cm). Estimate: $8,000 - 12,000


A pair of blue and white porcelain beaker vases. Kangxi

Each thickly potted with a tall, spreading body rising from a foot finished with a convex edge, painted in shades of brilliant cobalt with large lappet panels above and below narrow panels of cash diapers in alternation with birds and seasonal blossoms surrounding a garden rock, the inside of the rim encircled by a pine branch band and the exterior foot with a flower head band, the recessed base centered with a double ring. 15 1/8 (38.5cm) high. Estimate: $12,000 - 15,000


A fine blue and white porcelain bottle vase. Kangxi

Thickly potted and painted in shades of brilliant cobalt with a chilong chasing a flaming pearl around its long, slender neck, a narrow diaper band above lion dogs pursuing ribboned flower balls around its globular body and a double ring centering the recessed base.. 18in (46cm) high. Estimate: $15,000 - 18,000


A fine blue and white porcelain gu-form vase. Kangxi

Thickly potted, its exterior walls molded in shallow relief with wide bands of peony sprays and leaf scrolls surrounding variously shaped reserves painted in shades of rich cobalt with landscapes and figures. 18in (45.5cm) high. Estimate: $18,000 - 20,000


A large blue and white porcelain jardinière. Kangxi

Thickly potted with a rolled rim above a recessed band painted with a leaf scroll pattern and the tall, curving walls encircled by birds alighting on flowering branches rising amid further blooms and garden rock, the recessed base and wide foot left unglazed. 19 1/2in (49.5cm) high. 20in (51cm) diameter. Estimate: $30,000 - 50,000


A pair of large blue and white baluster covered jars. Kangxi

Each heavily potted with a swelling shoulder and slightly waisted neck, the curving side walls and that of the domical cover gently molded to form lotus petal panels painted in brilliant cobalt blue, framing hanging grape vines, the leaves filled with unusual crossing-hatching patterns, the finial of the cover painted with a lotus in blossom; the base left unglazed. 22 1/2in (57.3cm) high. Estimate: $30,000 - 50,000

Bonhams. Fine Asian Works of Art, 29 Jun 2009. 220 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco www.bonhams.com