A powder blue glazed yenyen vase with gilt decoration. Kangxi

The stippled cobalt ground painted in gilt with phoenix panels to the exterior neck and the lower body with opposing dragons chasing a flaming pearl separated by smaller reserves of fish and crabs, the interior of the neck and the recessed base displaying the white ground of the fabric beneath a colorless glaze. 17 7/8in (45.5cm) high - Estimate: $5,000 - 6,000


A monochrome glazed porcelain stem cup with anhua decoration. Yongzheng Mark, 19th Century

The fabric line-incised with a lishui border around the foot, and dragons chasing flaming pearls to both sides of the walls and the floor bearing the incised six-character mark, all beneath a pale celadon glaze. 5 3/8in (13.5cm) diameter - Estimate: $2,000 - 3,000


A pair of celadon crackle glazed cong-form vases. Tongzhi Marks, Republic Period

Each of square section and molded in high relief with eight trigrams to each rectangular side, the base bearing a six-character mark in underglaze blue regular script and the glaze layer displaying long, russet-stained craze lines. 11 1/4in (28.5cm) high - Estimate: $2,000 - 3,000


A flambé red glazed porcelain stick neck vase. 19th Century

The elegant form covered with a red glaze that thins slightly around the upper neck and increases in intensity of hue toward the foot, the recessed base covered with a celadon-tinged glaze. 15 3/4in (40cm) high - Estimate: $1,300 - 1,500


A robin's egg blue glazed porcelain vase. 19th Century

Molded with horizontal string bands around the reduced stick neck and three lion heads applied to the shoulder, all visible beneath the mottled turquoise and purple glaze also applied within the recessed base. 13in (33cm) high - Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500


A robin's egg glazed porcelain censer. Yongzheng Mark, 19th Century

Of simple bombé form with animal head and mock ring handles to each side, the base bearing an impressed six-character mark in seal script, the glaze covering all surfaces except the foot pad. 6 1/8in (15.5cm) wide - Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500


A russet glazed porcelain vase. Yongzheng Mark, Late Qing/Republic Period

Of pear form with cupped rim, a pair of strap handles to each side in line with two rectangular openings cut into the tall foot, the recessed base bearing in impressed four-character mark in seal script and the glaze covering all surfaces except the foot pad. 10 1/2in (26.5cm) high - Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500


A pair of small yellow glazed porcelain bowls

Each with a colorless glaze covering the wide, curving well and a layer of bright yellow enamel applied over the glaze on the exterior walls and foot, the recessed base bearing a six-character Yongzheng mark in underglaze blue regular script within a double ring. 3 5/8in (9mm) diameter - Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500


A langyao glazed porcelain vase. Xuande Mark, 19th Century

Its exterior walls covered with a uniform scarlet wash beneath a colorless glaze that continues on the rim, interior and recessed base bearing an incised six-character mark within a double ring. 7 7/8in (20cm) high - Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500


A langyao glazed porcelain bottle vase. 18th/19th Century

Of yuhuchun shape, its exterior walls covered with an uneven wash of scarlet red beneath a colorless glaze that continues on the rim, interior neck and the recessed base. 10 1/2in (26.5cm) high - Estimate: $800 - 1,200


An 'apple green' enameled and crackle-glazed porcelain vase. Late Qing Dynasty

Of elongated ovoid form with a trumpet neck, covered with a densely crackled colorless glaze to most surfaces and a bright green enamel layer to the exterior walls. 22in (56cm) high - Estimate: $800 - 1,200


A Song style Longquan celadon glazed stoneware vase

Of mallet form with extruding fish handles and covered with a crazed gray-green glaze. 9 1/8in (23cm) high - Estimate: $800 - 1,200


A celadon glazed porcelain vase with incised decoration. Republic Period

Of compressed baluster form with stiff leaf and lappet bands above lotus flowers and dense leaf sprays visible beneath the gray-green glaze, the base bearing the four-character mark in underglaze blue partially covered by an old paper label. 13 1/2in (34cm) high - Estimate: $800 - 1,200


A celadon glazed stick neck vase with applied dragon decoration. Qianlong Mark, Republic Period

Its shoulder and lower neck encircled by a crawling chilong, the recessed base bearing the six-character mark in underglaze blue; together with a small crackle-glazed celadon planter of fish bowl shape with unglazed base. [2] 12 1/4 and 7in (31 and 18cm) high - Estimate: $800 - 1,200


Two celadon glazed porcelain hu-form vases. Yongzheng Marks, Republic Period

Each molded with raised string bands around the globular body, mock animal head and ring handles applied to the shoulder and bearing a six-character mark within a double ring in underglaze blue on the base. 7 7/8 and 7in (20 and 18cm) high - Estimate: $700 - 1,000


A cobalt ground glazed porcelain jar with gilt decoration and associated cover. 19th Century

The full-bodied jar showing traces of reserves filled with garden flowers and rocks drawn in gilt enamels; the associated cover without apparent gilt decoration. 16 3/4in (42.5cm) high - Estimate: $700 - 900


A turquoise glazed porcelain stick neck vase. 19th Century

The interior of its cylindrical neck and the exterior walls covered with a richly hued glaze that stops unevenly above the unglazed foot and recessed base. 8 3/4in (22cm) high - Estimate: $700 - 900


A flambé red glazed porcelain double-gourd form vase. 19th Century

Its thick walls tapering gradually to the delicately formed lip, the red glaze layer streaked with brown and the recessed base coated with a crazed celadon glaze that also appears on portions of the interior. 15in (38cm) high - Estimate: $700 - 900


A 'robin-egg' blue glazed porcelain stick neck vase. Late Qing/Republic Period

Molded with a flared lip to the long, waisted neck and a compressed globular body, the mottled blue glaze covering all surfaces except the foot pad. 7in (18cm) high - Estimate: $700 - 900


A purple flambé glazed porcelain censer. 19th Century

Thickly potted with an in-curving lip around the deep well covered with a crazed off-white glaze, the canted exterior walls with three applied bosses displaying the striated flambé glaze that stops in uneven welts along the outer edges of the unglazed base. 10 1/2in (26.5cm) diameter. Estimate: $600 - 800


Two small monochrome glazed porcelain containers

The first a langyao glazed porcelain ovoid jar and and cover, the base bearing a six-character Kangxi mark in underglaze blue regular script; the second a deep cup with flared rim and golden yellow enamel covering its exterior walls over a colorless glaze visible on the interior and the recessed base. 4 and 3in (10 and 7.5cm) high - Estimate: $500 - 700


A Song style green glazed stoneware vase

Of mallet shape with phoenix head handles, covered with a pale leaf green glaze marked with abundant craze lines. 9 7/8in (25cm) high - Estimate: $500 - 700


A flambé glazed stoneware vase. Late Qing/Republic Period

Of pear form with a slightly waisted neck and rolled rim, covered overall with a richly mottled glaze displaying patches of opalescent blue within the deep crimson ground. 8 3/4in(22cm) - Estimate: $300 - 500

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