A white biscuit-glazed porcelain brush pot. Daoguang Mark

Of cylindrical form and molded in high relief with a dragon spewing out waves into a watery expanse as it courses through clouds, its eyes tinted in black and the recessed base bearing the molded six-character mark in seal script. 5 1/8in (13cm) high - Estimate: $2,000 - 3,000


A Dehua seated figure of Guanyin. He Chaozong Mark, 19th Century

Seated in 'royal ease' with her left hand holding a scroll and the arm resting on a curving arm rest trimmed with beading also used on the pendant dangling across the chest, the back bearing the impressed four-character mark, the ivory-tinged glaze also visible on some of the hollow interior. Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500


A Dehua porcelain standing figure. Circa 1900

Possibly depicting a smiling luohan dressed in a cap, layered garments and a Buddhist rosary of separately applied beads hanging from his neck as he stands holding a palm-leaf fan, the base stamped Made in China in red ink. 6 3/4in (17cm) high - Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500


A white glazed porcelain water coupe. 18th Century

Of sharply compressed globular form covered with a colorless glaze, the shallowly recessed base with unglazed foot pad centered with a double ring drawn in underglaze blue.  4 7/8in (12.5cm) diameter - Estimate: $800 - 1,200


A Dehua porcelain figure of a seated Guanyin. 18th Century

Gracefully seated in 'royal ease' upon an oval rock-shaped base, the exterior and interior covered with an ivory colored glaze. 5 3/4in (14.5cm) high - Estimate: $500 - 700


A pair of white glazed porcelain figures of Guanyin. 20th Century

Each a mirror image of the other holding lotus plants in opposing arms as they stand on waisted plinths applied with separately modeled lotus plants. 20 1/2in (52cm) high - Estimate: $500 - 700


A goup of white glazed porcelain decorations. 19th Century and 20th Century

The Dehua porcelains including one libation cup in the shape of a lotus leaf, one hexagonal libation cup with applied zodiac animals, one wide bowl with raised flowering prunus branches to the exterior and one figure of Guanyin with baby supported on a lotus plant base; the fifth a Dehua style standing figure of Guanyin. 8 3/4 and 11 1/2in (22 and 29cm) height of figures - Estimate: $500 - 700

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