Fancy Intense green diamond ring

A highly important 2.25-carat Natural Fancy Intense green diamond, one of the rarest diamond colors known. This incredible GIA-certified rectangular brilliant cut stone is set in a stunning platinum and 18K gold ring, while 1.51 carats of pink melee diamonds flow gracefully around the diamond and down the band. Price: $425,000

Colored diamonds are indeed extremely scarce, yet those deemed as Fancy Intense are exponentially more rare, especially examples weighing more than 1.0 carat. In fact,fewer than one in a billion diamonds mined aroundthe world are of sufficient depth of color to even be labeled fancy color.Even fewer command the coveted grade of fancy intense.

By far, the rarest of the coloreddiamonds are those with a red or green hue, followed by blue and pink stones. This bright green, untreated stone exhibits an intensity and richness of color that is absolutely extraordinary, earning it the highest grading designation.

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