A large Dehua libation cup. 明代 Ming Dynasty, 崇禎 Chongzhen Period (1628-1644)

modeled in the form of a rhinoceros horn with applied decoration covered in a creamy translucent glaze. On one side is a stag with overhanging clouds and peony branches and to the other side prunus branches and a dragon descending from clouds while another dragon appears between upright rocks. The cup sits on a carved stand of stylized open rockwork. The cup follows closely to those dating to circa 1640. Height:  2 3/4" (7cm)  Length  5 3/16" (13.2cm)  Width:  4" (10.2cm)  Height with stand:  4 3/8" (11.1cm). Condition: Excellent, no chips, cracks or restoration. Price on application

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