Qingbai miniature porcelain dish. China, Northern Song dynasty, 960 – 1127

A miniature porcelain deep dish, its rounded sides rising from the slightly convex base to terminate in a serrated, undulating rim. The dish is entirely undecorated and almost completely covered in a transparent glaze of pale blue hue, leaving only the base unglazed, showing the fine-grained white porcelain body, and characteristic brown firing marks. Diameter: 4 inches, 10 cm. Price on application

Note: There appears to be no published qingbai porcelain dishes with serrated rim. The rim appears to have been cut with a sharp knife, a technique reminiscent of that used on ding-type dishes with foliate rims, of which there are examples in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.1

1 Kerr, R. Song Dynasty Ceramics, Victoria and Albert Museum Far Eastern Series, London 2004. nos. 33 + 33a, p. 42

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