A fine and rare gold 'kesi' 'one hundred birds' jacket. Qing dynasty, 19th century. photo courtesy Sotheby's

finely woven depicting 'one hundred birds' in a landscape with trees flowers including pomegranates, finger citrons, nandina berries, crab apples, and peaches - width 63 in., 160 cm. Est. 20,000—30,000 USD. Lot Sold  50,000 USD

NOTE: Compare a 'one hundred boys' informal robe in the collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, illustrated by Robert Jacobsen, Imperial Silks: Ch'ing Dynasty Textiles in The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, vol. I, Minneapolis, 2000, pl. 225.


A noblewoman's gauze summer surcoat, Qing dynasty, 19th Century. photo courtesy Sotheby's

finely woven in counted stitch with eight roundels depicting flowers and butterflies on a navy blue ground scattered with floral sprays and butterflies - width 71 1/2 in., 181.6 cm. Est. 10,000—15,000 USD. Lot Sold 10,000 USD


A blue 'kesi' 'dragon' robe. Qing dynasty, 19th Century. photo courtesy Sotheby's

woven with eight five-clawed dragons in gold-wrapped threads in pursuit of 'flaming pearls', the blue ground decorated with the 'Eight Buddhist Emblems' - length 56 in., 142 cm. Est. 5,000—7,000 USD. Lot Sold  6,250 USD


Two imperial edicts. Qianlong Mark and Period, dated to 1776. photo courtesy Sotheby's

each written on silk brocade woven with ruyi cloud swirls mounted as a handscroll, the text arranged in standard form in kaishu and repeated in Manchu script (2) - length 111 and 107 in., 282 and 272 cm. Est. 10,000—15,000 USD. Lot Sold 20,000 USD

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