A gem-set brooch

Designed as a flower, the petals composed of carved conch pearl shells, the stamen with cultured pearls and diamonds, the stem pavé-set with circular-cut tsavorite garnets, pink sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds, mounted in 18k blackened gold, tsavorite garnets approximately 1.70 carats total, pink sapphires approximately 1.50 carats total, brooch length 10.2cm. Sold for HK$42,000


A multi-gem brooch set

1st: designed as a dragonfly, the wings and head pavé-set with sapphires, the body with brilliant-cut diamonds, the eye with pink sapphires, mounted in 18k blackened gold. 2nd: designed as a bird, set with circular-cut rubies, pink sapphires, accented by a yellow sapphire eye, perched on a branch set with circular-cut tsavorite garnets, mounted in 18k white gold, dragonfly brooch length 5.5cm, bird brooch length 8.0cm. (2) - Sold for HK$20,400


A gem-set brooch set

1st: designed as a flower, set at the centre with yellow sapphires, within pink sapphire petals, to a brilliant-cut diamond stem and tsavorite garnet and yellow sapphire leaves, mounted in 18k blackened, white and yellow gold. 2nd: designed as a flower, the leaves set with tsavorite garnets and brilliant-cut diamonds, the petals with pink sapphires and diamonds, mounted in 18k white and blackened gold, 1st brooch length 7.5cm, 2nd brooch length 7.0cm. (2) - Sold for HK$21,600

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