A Massive 15th Century 早明 Early Ming Longquan Celadon Dish. photos Vermeer & Griggs

A magnificent massive early Ming Longquan celadon dish heavily potted with shallow rounded sides rising to a lipped rim. The center carved with bunches of pendant grapes with large palmate leaves and spiraling tendrils. The cavetto carved with a double border, the inner of a meandering lingzhi fungus and bamboo and the outer scrolling lotus blossoms. The reverse decorated with eight floral fruit sprays consisting of cherry, loquat, pomegranate and plum, covered overall in a thick olive-green translucent glaze.  An unglazed ring portion on the base is burnt red in the firing. Condition: Excellent, a broken section along the rim restored. Price on application

A nearly identical dish is in the collection of the Tokapi Saray Museum, Istanbul, Diameter:  20 1/2" (52cm)

Provenance:  Robert Moore Collection, Vermeer & Griggs Collection No. 154

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