1960s Embroidered Sable & Mink Coat. Michelle Furs, Hong Kong. photo Shrimpton Couture

A kind coat ordered from Michelle Furs, Hong Kong back in the 1960s. All fine embroidery work was done in Hong Kong at that time. The exterior is a deep emerald silk satin upon which gold thread embroidery mixed with fine hand embroidery work are done in profusion. The entire back and front panels are embroidered as well as the edges of the wide bell sleeves. Sable collar and cuffs are in immaculate condition and as rich and supple as they day this was made. The interior is sheared black mink! And it has a floral design shaved into it that you can see when the light catches it a certain way! Brass ball & loop closures. It is exquisite and is the only one there is and it is in mint unworn condition. Price $4,800

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