Pair of Chinese Blanc de Chine Guanyin. 19th Century. Photo: Courtesy Doyle New York

Each standing on a square stylized rockwork base, each figure dressed in long layered robes, holding a lingzhi fungus in one hand, a small deer standing in attendance dressed with a collar hung with bells, plumes and lingzhi fungus, a vase of flowers balanced on his back, impressed seal mark. Height 15 1/2 inches. Estimate $8,000-10,000




Chinese Blanc de Chine Seated Guanyin. 19th Century. Photo: Courtesy Doyle New York

Seated in a position of ease on open rockwork, dressed in a long robe, holding a scroll, the complacent expression framed by pendulent earlobes and hair gathered into a high chignon, reverse with two impressed seal marks. Height 13 3/4 inches. Estimate $3,000-5,000

Very good




Chinese White Glazed Figural Brushwasher. 18th-19th Century. Photo: Courtesy Doyle New York

Worked as a seated jovial immortal resting one arm on the rim of a peach-form bowl, the interior of the bowl molded with a black glazed bat. Height 3 inches, width 4 inches. Estimate $1,200-1,800

Tips of fingers on one hand are missing, otherwise good




Chinese Dehua Figure of a Qilin. 19th Century. Photo: Courtesy Doyle New York

Striding facing left, the body entirely scaled, with a flowing mane and plum at the end of the tail, fitted wood stand. Height 4 1/8 inches. Estimate $1,000-1,500



Chinese Blanc de Chine Censer. 18th Century. Photo: Courtesy Doyle New York

The globular form body raised on three short feet, the shoulder molded with a raised scrolling foliate border, squared loop handles issuing from the shoulder, fitted wood lid. Height 3 7/8 inches. Estimate $800-1,200



Chinese Dehua Maiden. 19th Century. Photo: Courtesy Doyle New York

The female bent slightly forward on a rectangular base before rockwork, dressed in long robes, one hand covered by the long sleeve, her hair gathered into a floral and beaded headdress. Height 9 7/8 inches. Estimate $600-800




Chinese Blanc de Chine Glazed Tripod Censer. 19th Century. Photo: Courtesy Doyle New York

Raised on three straight legs, the body with a band of stylized dragons on a leiwen ground in low relief, the rim set with two upright square handles, wood base with jade inset bi. Height 7 inches. Estimate $400-600

One handle restored, interior with glaze gaps, censor glued into wood base.

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