A rare coconut snuff bottle, 19th century. photo courtesy Sotheby's .

of rounded square form with convex faces, below a waisted neck and a flared foot, one face carved in relief with three columns of calligraphy in archaic bronze script, set on a textured ground, adjacent to a two-column inscription lightly incised followed by a seal, Yuanyin, the reverse occupied by a poetic inscription filled with red pigment;  height 2 in., 5.1 cm. Estimate 10,000—15,000 USD. Lot Sold  7,500 USD

PROVENANCE: Hugh Moss (HK) Ltd.

NOTE: The inscriptions on one face, one in the ancient seal script and the line adjacent in regular script, can be translated as:

'The servants of history made the ceremonial vessels in order to have them treasured for eternity.
Quiet demeanor to emulate the antiquity', followed by a seal, Yuanyin (Seal of Yuan)'

The poetic inscription on the reverse is Yu Hu 'Tune of Jiangnan' and describes a woman's longing for her loved one. It can be translated as:

'As a keepsake for my brotherly friend Yaolun, the sixth son of the family
Picking white duckweed at the riverbank, and
With my women companions, I attend the ceremony at the River God temple.
Among this many people on-site, I simply dared not to speak up and ask,
So could only pay for a divination inquiring about the certain someone who is traveling afar,' followed by an undecipherable name and seal.'

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