A Mughal gem-set jade hilted steel Dagger. India, 17th Century. © 2002-2010 Bonhams 1793 Ltd

with slightly curving tapering blade, the jade hilt with curved pommel and scroll-shaped quillons, carved and inlaid with gold and set with precious stones including diamonds, rubies and emeralds forming flowering stems and branches, the scabbard with a jade locket set with rubies and emeralds, encased; 37.5 cm. long(3) - Estimate: £35,000 - 40,000, € 42,000 - 48,000. Unsold




A group of nine depictions of arms and armour.Ramesh Sharma (Jaipur, b. 1951). © 2002-2010 Bonhams 1793 Ltd

gouache and gold in relief on panel, signed, depicting three Mughal jade-hilted daggers, two axes, two quivers, a long gun, and an elephant gauntlet sword (pata); 322 x 180 mm. and slightly smaller(9) - Sold for £6,600

Note: Ramesh Sharma's work depicts in a highly realistic manner Islamic and Indian works of art, from manuscript leaves to textiles, metalwork and weapons. For a group of his paintings, see Christie's, South Kensington, Islamic and Indian Works of Art, 18th October 2002, lots 387-395.


A Mughal jade hilted Dagger (khanjar). India, 18th Century. © 2002-2010 Bonhams 1793 Ltd

with curved watered steel blade, the pistol-grip hilt carved in low relief at the quillons with a lotus flower with arching leaves, the pommel with an iris and lotus flower, a leafy branch curving over the edge, and a single rosette spray arching towards the two flowers; 33.4 cm. long - Sold for £4,200

Bonhams. Islamic and Indian Art, 7 Oct 2010. New Bond Street www.bonhams.com