Vase en porcelaine de la famille rose. Chine, dynastie Qing, époque Yongzheng (1723-1735). photo Sotheby's

de forme balustre, le col et le pied légèrement évasés, à décor peint de quatre Immortels au pied d'un grand rocher bordant une rivière près d'un arbre; 38,2 cm, 15 in. Est. 60,000—80,000 EUR. Lot Sold 210,750 EUR

NOTE: The four immortals depicted on the present vase are Zhongli Quan, also known as Han Zhongli, considered leader of the Daoist Eight Immortals group and recognizable for his large stomach protruding through his partically open robe, together with his pupil Lu Dongbin, a promising scholar who gave up pursuit of an official career after meeting his master ; Liu Hai, the God of Wealth, in his hand holding his three-legged toad ; and Lan Caihe depicted in a merry drunken state with his wine bottle on his back and wearing his characteristic cape.

The present vase appears to be unique for its decoration, although a smaller Yongzheng vase of related olive-form, finely painted with the three friends of winter similar subtle enamels is illustrated in Kangxi. Yongzheng. Qianlong. Qing Porcelain from the Palace Museum Collection, Hong Kong, 1989, pl. 58; and another with a taller and slender neck, decorated with a circular panel depicting the poet-monk Hanshan, was sold in our Hong Kong rooms, 9th October 2008, lot 1503.

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