A Cizhou-type russet-striped black-glazed bowl. Yuan dynasty (1279 - 1368), 14th Century. Courtesy Priestley & Ferraro

Diameter: 17.6cm, 6 7/8in. Height: 7.2cm, 2 7/8in. - Condition : Good condition - Price : On Request

The bowl has broad rounded sides rising to a slightly incurved rim, supported on a low splayed foot with knife-pared footrim. The interior of the bowl is applied with a deep glossy black glaze decorated with a double register of radiating russet streaks. The black glaze also covers the upper part of the exterior, and is similarly decorated with a single register of short streaks. The lower part of the body is unglazed, showing the pale buff-coloured ware. Bowls decorated with a double register of russet streaks have been excavated from the Guantai kilns, Ci County, Hebei province, and are datable to the fourteenth century.

For a discussion of this kind of design, see Mowry, Hare’s-fur, Tortoiseshell, and Partridge Feathers , p. 169,170, where he also illustrates a related bowl.

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