An early Meissen white pagoda figure, circa 1715-20. Photo Sotheby's

modelled seated with open mouth and pierced ears, glued chip and haircrack, small chips to base; 8.5cm., 3¼in. ESTIMATE 3,000-5,000 GBP - Lot Sold: 10,000 GBP


A large Meissen cylindrical tankard, circa 1735. Photo Sotheby's

brightly enamelled in Kakiemon style with a red dragon hovering beside a blue and green rock, watching a fabulous bird perched on a flowering branch, another bird flying behind them, the handle with foliate-scroll terminal. Wilfrid Evill Collection Label; 16cm., 6¼in. ESTIMATE 1,000-1,500 GBP - Lot Sold: 6,000 GBP


A Meissen hausmaler coffee pot and cover, circa 1730. Photo Sotheby's

the underglaze blue decoration overpainted in etched gilding, probably in the Seuter workshop in Augsburg, with chinoiserie figures amongst tall flowering shrubs and birds beneath a foliate and C-scroll border, set with wishbone handle, glued flake to rim of cover; crossed swords mark in underglaze blue; 23cm., 9in. ESTIMATE 3,000-5,000 GBP - Lot Sold: 4,375 GBP


A Meissen fluted bowl, circa 1735. Photo Sotheby's

painted in famille verte style, with insects on stylised grassy and rocky mounds, a red kylin seated on a table and other Chinese emblems, small nick to rim; crossed swords mark in underglaze blue; 20cm., 7¾in. ESTIMATE 1, 1,500 GBP - Lot Sold: 2,750 GBP

 Sotheby's. The  Evill/Frost Collection. London, 15-16 June 2011