04 décembre 2009

'The Beauty of Mended Ceramics' @ BachmannEckenstein

Pottery is amazingly strong, yet vulnerable to breakage. Japanese artists invented a distinctive way of mending ceramics. They drew on the ancient tradition of using the plant resin lacquer as a glue to rejoin broken ceramics but transformed the appearance of the repair by sprinkling the lacquer with powdered gold, thus creating a new component for appreciation. Gold lacquer repairs (Jap. Kintsugi) became closely associated with ceramic utensils used in the way of tea (Chado). In their exhibition BachmannEckenstein... [Lire la suite]
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06 novembre 2009

Sujet en bronze de patine brune représentant un tigre marchant, rugissant. Période Meiji.

Sujet en bronze de patine brune représentant un tigre marchant, rugissant. Période Meiji. Signé dans un cartouche, sous le ventre. LONG. 49 CM - Estimation : € 900-1,200 Tajan. ARTS DU JAPON, 16 nov. 2009 14:15, Drouot - salle 15 www.tajan.com
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04 novembre 2009

Exquisite Porcelain Beauties and Newly-Discovered Cloisonne Enamel Treasures at Bonhams Fine Japanese Art Sale

Bonhams showcases museum-quality Kakiemon Ladies and a rare, unrecorded, full-size model of a cloisonné enamel go-ban (games board) The centrepiece of the sale will undoubtedly be the magnificent group of Kakiemon beauties which graces the front cover of the fine Japanese catalogue, going under the auctioneer's hammer at Bonhams New Bond Street on the 5th November. Products of a bygone era of Japan's feudal past, they were exported to the West to decorate the grand interiors of European palaces, reflecting the increasingly... [Lire la suite]
31 octobre 2009

Japanese 'Cloisonné Enamels from the Stephen W. Fisher Collection' @ The Walters Art Museum

Pair of Vases Decorated with Japanese Bush Warblers Perching on Blossoming Wisteria, Goto Seizaburō, standard cloisonné enamel over metal, 36.5 cm, Stephen W. Fisher Collection, Baltimore (FE.13, FE 14) BALTIMORE, MD.- The Stephen W. Fisher collection of Japanese cloisonne enamels is one of the finest in the world. Comprised largely of pieces created during Japan's "golden age" of decorative art production, the special exhibition at the Walters, Japanese Cloisonne Enamels from the Stephen W. Fisher Collection, will... [Lire la suite]
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25 octobre 2009

Fifteen japanese armors from The Samurai Sale @ Bonhams, New York

An o-yoroi armor, Late Edo period (19th century) © 2002-2009 Bonhams 1793 Ltd The armor of honkozane lacquered black and laced in green kebiki odoshi and mounted with gilt-copper hardware and comprising a forty-six plate suji bachi lacquered black with a large four-lame omanju jikoro, fukigaeshi and mabisashi, all applied with stenciled doe skin, the front of the bowl fitted with a gilt-copper kuwagata dai holding kuwagata and a large gold-lacquered wood dragon maedate; the black-lacquered iron yoshi ryubumen fitted with a... [Lire la suite]
21 octobre 2009

"Art of the Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor, 1156-1868" @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Honda Tadakatsu. Edo period, 17th century. Hanging scroll; ink and colors on silk; 48 7/8 x 25 1/4 in. (124 x 64 cm) Private collection. NEW YORK, NY.- Opening October 21, The Metropolitan Museum of Art's ambitious major loan exhibition "Art of the Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor, 1156-1868" will bring together 214 masterpieces, including 34 National Treasures, 64 Important Cultural Properties, and six Important Art objects, a number of which have never traveled outside Japan. Featuring the finest examples of armor,... [Lire la suite]
14 octobre 2009

Onze estampes de Toshusai Sharaku @ Piasa Paris

Toshusai Sharaku (actif 1794-1795) Oban tate-e de la pièce « Hana ayame bunroku soga », les iris fleurissant : les frères Soga de l'ère Bunroku, 5e mois de 1794. Okubi-e de l'acteur Matsumoto Koshiro IV dans le rôle de Gorobei, le marchand de poisson de Senya sur fond micacé gris tenant une pipe à la main. Signé Toshusai Sharaku ga, cachet de censeur kiwame, éditeur Tsutaya Jozaburo. (Petites taches). Dim. 37,5 x 24,6 cm. Estimation : 25 000 / 30 000 € Référence : D'autres impressions conservées au Museum of Fine Arts,... [Lire la suite]
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08 octobre 2009

Arts of the Samurai Sale at Christie's New York on October 23

Red-and-blue laced gold-lacquered Honkozane Nimai Do Gusoku armor Edo Period (17th century) Estimate: $250,000-300,000. Photo: Christie's Images Ltd. 2009 NEW YORK, NY.- Christie’s New York is pleased to announce a dedicated sale of Arts of the Samurai on October 23, which exemplifies the outstanding craftsmanship and visual splendor of the Samurai culture. The collection includes over 80 lots comprising of armor, helmets, and most importantly, swords dating from the thirteenth to nineteenth centuries. The Samurai have a major... [Lire la suite]
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04 octobre 2009

Trois Shunga Netsuké érotiques. Japon, XXème siècle

Shunga Netsuké. Ivoire polychrome. Couple en levrette. Signé. Japon, XXème siècle. Dim. totale: 7,5 cm - Estimation : 500 / 600 €Shunga Netsuke. Polychrome carved ivory featuring a couple making love doggy-style. Signed Japan, 20the century. Sculpture en ivoire représentant un homme et deux femmes dans une position compliquée. Signé. Japon, circa 1900. Travail hyperréaliste, très finement ciselé. Dim. : 7 cm - Estimation : 800 / 1 000 €Ivory sculpture featuring a man with two women in a complicated erotic position.... [Lire la suite]
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30 août 2009

'Shape & Spirit: Selections from the Lutz Bamboo Collection' @ the Denver Art Museum

DENVER, CO.- Beauty and function meet in the newly installed Walter + Mona Lutz Gallery in the fifth level Asian art space in the Denver Art Museum’s North Building. The inaugural exhibition, Shape & Spirit: Selections from the Lutz Bamboo Collection, opening September 26, 2009, showcases the wonder of bamboo through more than 200 objects that capture the spirit and cultural character of their makers. Woven baskets, carved figures and everyday tools are displayed in the new space designated for bamboo pieces from East Asia.... [Lire la suite]
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