03 avril 2011

A rare 'Jun' 'Ruyi'-shaped Pillow. Song-Jin Dynasty.

A rare 'Jun' 'Ruyi'-shaped Pillow. Song-Jin Dynasty. photo Sotheby's covered in a pale blue glaze mottled with creamy patches, the top with faint purple splashes, fitted in a yellow silk and brocade-covered stand.  2 pieces; length 9 1/2 in. 24.2 cm. Estimate 10,000—15,000 USD. Lot Sold 40,625 USD PROVENANCE: R. H. Macy & Co., Inc, New York (according to paper label) NOTE: 'Jun' pillows are extremely unsual. For a pale blue-green-glazed example in the Percival David Foundation, also of ruyi-form see Stacey Pierson,... [Lire la suite]
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