14 mai 2010

Qing dynasty monochromes @ Sotheby's. Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art. 12 May 10. London

A very fine and rare flambe-glazed bottle vase. Qianlong impressed six-character sealmark and period. photo Sotheby's the slightly compressed globular body with moulded horizontal ribs around the waist and shoulder, covered overall in a flambe glaze of deep reddish-purple tone lightly mottled with milky pale blue to the body and the rim, the foot unglazed exposing the biscuit, the base covered in a caramel-brown glaze - 41cm., 16 1/8 in. Est. 60,000—80,000 GBP. Lot Sold 481,250 GBP PROVENANCE: John Sparks Ltd., London. ... [Lire la suite]
22 octobre 2009

A incised white-glazed bowl. Ming dynasty, Yongle period & a 'lianzi' white-glazed bowl. Mark and period of Xuande

A fine and rare incised white-glazed bowl. Ming dynasty, Yongle period. photo Sotheby's the deep rounded sides rising elegantly from the thick straight foot before gently flaring at the rim, finely incised on the exterior with large detached sprays of lotus, camellia, rose and peony with their respective buds, the interior with a medallion of two pomegranates on a leafy branch, applied overall with an opaque milk-white glaze displaying a light bluish-grey tint along the incised design. 16.8 cm., 6 in. Est.... [Lire la suite]
18 octobre 2009

A 'wintergreen' glazed & two white-glazed bowl. Ming dynasty, Yongle & Xuande mark and period

An exceptionally rare 'wintergreen' glazed chess jar and cover. Ming dynasty, Yongle period. photo courtesy Sotheby's singularly beautiful, finely-potted in a compressed globular form, the elegant body on a broad flat base with tapered sides extending to softly rounded shoulders and rising to a short neck, veiled in an exquisitely rich and silky 'wintergreen' glaze thinning at the mouthrim and pooling around the shoulders in a sea-green tone, suffused with random silver threads of cracklure, the low flat cover similarly... [Lire la suite]