14 septembre 2009

Northern Song dynasty, Xuan He Tong Bao Rev. Shan XF, (1119-1125 A.D.)

Northern Song dynasty, Xuan He Tong Bao Rev. Shan  XF, (1119-1125 A.D.) 550 USD @ lindascoin
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10 mars 2009

Jug Inscribed with a Omar Khayyam's Love Poem Discovered in Excavations of the Israel Antiquities Authority

The jug inscribed with a Persian love poem. Photo: Clara Amit JERUSALEM.- A fragment of a pottery vessel of Persian provenance that dates to the Middle Ages (12th-13th centuries CE) was discovered in an archaeological excavation directed by Dr. Rina Avner, on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, in the Old City of Jerusalem, prior to construction by a private contractor. The fragment is treated with a turquoise glaze and is adorned with floral patterns and a black inscription. While studying the artifact prior to... [Lire la suite]
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