18 septembre 2010

A blue jadeite snuff bottle. 1770-1850.

A blue jadeite snuff bottle. 1770-1850. photo courtesy Sotheby's superbly well hollowed, of rounded form with a flared neck, the oval foot slightly concave, the stone of pale blue with a hint of gray color and faint snowy white inclusions; height 1 7/8 in., 4.8 cm. Estimate 12,000—15,000 USD. Lot Sold 9,375 USD PROVENANCE: Dr. Louis Walmsley Collection.Vanessa F. Holden. NOTE: Dr. Louis Walmsley, one of the earlier owners of this bottle, was a Canadian missionary stationed in Chengdu during the 1930s until the... [Lire la suite]
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03 avril 2010

Three white jade snuff bottles @ Bonhams

A white jade snuff bottle 白玉茄形鼻煙壺 19th Century 十九世紀. photo courtesy Bonhams Fashioned in the form of a slender eggplant with overlapping leaves of dark green to the top, en suite dark green jade stopper in the shape of a crooked stem. 3in (7.6cm) high. Sold for $13,420 inclusive of Buyer's Premium Provenance 來源: Chris RandallExhibited 展出: Gallery of New South Wales,Sydney, Australia, 1991Chinese Culture Center, San Francisco, July, 2000Illustrated 出版圖片: Hidden Treasures of the Dragon (1991), cat. no. 150The Chinese eggplant... [Lire la suite]