24 juin 2009

Indianaplis Museum of Art, Asian Art Highlights : Standing Bodhisattva, Eastern Wei dynasty

Standing Bodhisattva, Eastern Wei dynasty, 537, sandstone with traces of paint and gold, 19 7/8 x 5 x 3 in. Gift of the Asian Art Society. photo Indianaplis Museum of Art The first inscription on the base of the statue reads 大魏天平三年十二月十八日清信士佛弟子立德為亡姊敬造石像一驅顛念亡姊託生西方靜佛境界值佛?法常與佛會來世託生王公之家永離苦厄所愿如是 "On the eighteenth day of the twelfth month of the third year of the Tianping era of the Great Wei dynasty [January 14, 537], the pure believing scholar and Buddhist disciple, Li De, had this stone image respectfully made for his... [Lire la suite]