22 juillet 2010

RESULTS: Living with Design: The Collections of Walter Lees and Mr NC.

A rare cloisonné enamel model of a recumbent ram and rider. Qianlong incised four-character mark in a line and of the period (1736-95). Photo: Christie's Images Ltd., 2010 Finely modelled recumbent on a rectangular plinth with long curling horns, its body neatly covered in spiralling scrolls emulating fur, carrying on its back a seated figure dressed in ornate robes, 7½ in. (19 cm.) wide. Estimate £15,000 - £25,000 Sold £361,250 to an UK Trade. Provenance: Acquired from Spink & Sons Ltd., London, September 1966. ... [Lire la suite]
09 août 2009

Pomp-Kratervase - Mr John Claudius (b. Vienna 1775) Vienna, 1826

Pomp-Kratervase - Mr John Claudius (b. Vienna 1775) Vienna, 1826 Signed and dated (bottom right of the display of Chiron and Achilles): "Mr. Claudius (1) 826" porcelain, wall with Goldfond, floral and ornamental gold etchings, both in 8-square Reserves fine painted with colorful representations "The Kentaur Chiron taught Achilles Archery" and "Nessos fled with the wife of Hercules, Dejanira, two lateral handling, on a round base with square plinth mounted eingepresster connecting plate of the... [Lire la suite]