05 juillet 2009

Edouard Manet (París, 1832-1883) “Boy with Cherries”, guest work @ The Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts

The director of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, Javier Viar, and museum curator, Ana observe the guest work “Boy with Cherries” by Edouard Manet. Photo: EFE/Alfredo Aldai. BILBAO.- The Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts presented its 27th guest work, the piece is titled “Boy with Cherries” by Edouard Manet (París, 1832-1883). This is a simply composed portrait, but of great quality and shows the artist’s expression. Manet was a fundamental figure in the transition between Realism and Impressionism. Manet knew how to introduce new themes... [Lire la suite]
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