29 mai 2010

The Chung-Yan Cheung Collection of Stalactites and Contemplation Stones @ Bonhams, Natural History, 27 May 2010, New York

Calcite Stalactite—"Tranquility". China. photo Bonhams A highly aesthetic formation and a fascinating study in the growth of calcite, this elegant stalactite cluster is covered in calcite micro-crystals and has the overall appearance of a large cauliflower. Offered on a custom-fitted wooden base. Measures 17 x 16 x 9in  Sold for $488 Footnote: Provenance: The Chung-Yan Cheung Collection Calcite Stalactite Cluster—"Paradise". China. photo Bonhams Of complex form, having intergrown clusters of... [Lire la suite]