26 août 2010

Monochromes porcelains @ Bonhams

A flambé glazed stoneware vase.Daoguang Mark. photo Bonhams Its lobed rim in the shape of a six-petaled flower with conforming lobes descending through the neck and globular body, covered by mottled glaze of opaque sky blue and purple-red, the recessed base bearing a stamped six-character mark beneath a rust brown glaze;7 3/4in (19.5cm) high -Sold for $39,650 Two celadon glazed porcelain saucers.Yongzheng Marks. photo Bonhams Of shallow curving form, the celadon glaze applied over the exterior walls... [Lire la suite]
13 juillet 2009

A collection of Chinese white glazed porcelains @ Bonhams

A white biscuit-glazed porcelain brush pot. Daoguang Mark Of cylindrical form and molded in high relief with a dragon spewing out waves into a watery expanse as it courses through clouds, its eyes tinted in black and the recessed base bearing the molded six-character mark in seal script. 5 1/8in (13cm) high - Estimate: $2,000 - 3,000 A Dehua seated figure of Guanyin. He Chaozong Mark, 19th Century Seated in 'royal ease' with her left hand holding a scroll and the arm resting on a curving arm rest trimmed with beading... [Lire la suite]