07 février 2010

A large Dehua libation cup. 明代 Ming Dynasty, 崇禎 Chongzhen Period (1628-1644)

A large Dehua libation cup. 明代 Ming Dynasty, 崇禎 Chongzhen Period (1628-1644) modeled in the form of a rhinoceros horn with applied decoration covered in a creamy translucent glaze. On one side is a stag with overhanging clouds and peony branches and to the other side prunus branches and a dragon descending from clouds while another dragon appears between upright rocks. The cup sits on a carved stand of stylized open rockwork. The cup follows closely to those dating to circa 1640. Height:  2 3/4"... [Lire la suite]
08 décembre 2009

Collection de porcelaines chinoises émaillées en blanc, XVIIIème siècle @ Aguttes, Paris

Chine. Bol en porcelaine monochrome blanc, porte une marque au revers sous couverte: Kienlong (1736-1795) Etiquette de provenance “Michon bvd Haussmann”. D. 19 cm - Estimation : 1 200 / 1 500 € Chine. Foukien (région du Dehua) Paire de coupes à libation en porcelaine émaillée en blanc à pans coupés. Periode Kangxi (1662-1722) portant un cachet incisé au revers (cachet d'atelier) H. 6.5 cm - Estimation : 400 / 600 € Chine. Paire de chiens de Fô en porcelaine émaillée en blanc. Période Kangxi (1662-1722) Ils... [Lire la suite]
13 juillet 2009

A collection of Chinese white glazed porcelains @ Bonhams

A white biscuit-glazed porcelain brush pot. Daoguang Mark Of cylindrical form and molded in high relief with a dragon spewing out waves into a watery expanse as it courses through clouds, its eyes tinted in black and the recessed base bearing the molded six-character mark in seal script. 5 1/8in (13cm) high - Estimate: $2,000 - 3,000 A Dehua seated figure of Guanyin. He Chaozong Mark, 19th Century Seated in 'royal ease' with her left hand holding a scroll and the arm resting on a curving arm rest trimmed with beading... [Lire la suite]