26 juin 2011

Eleven Sèvres cups and saucers, 18th century from theEvill/Frost Collection

A Sèvres cup and saucer, 1783. Photo Sotheby's gobelet litron et soucoupe of the third size, decorated with a blue ground enriched with guilloche and Vitruvian scrollᅠborders in stamped raisedᅠgold foil, the ground with scatteredᅠgold veins resembling lapis lazuli, the cup reserved with a classical scene in sepia tones depictingᅠHercules and Omphale, the saucer with a Herculean trophy including a pair of doves, a distaff, clubᅠand lionskin; interlaced Ls flanked by dateletters ff for 1783, gilder's mark 2000 for Henry-François... [Lire la suite]
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