13 juillet 2009

« Buvez, ô mes yeux...» Director's Choice: le paysage suisse de 1800 à 1900 @ the Kunstmuseum Bern

Elisabeth Louise Vigée-Lebrun, Das Alphirtenfest in Unspunnen am 17. August 1808, 1808-09, Öl auf Leinwand, 84 x 114 cm. Depositum der Gottfried Keller Stiftung, Kunstmuseum Bern BERN.- Gottfried Keller’s enthusiasm for what he sees before him is the motto for the exhibition on the 19th-century image of Switzerland from the Kunstmuseum Bern collection. The museum presents not only works that are strange or have hardly yet been seen, or visionary and realistic, but also well-known and familiar pieces from the rich fund of hidden... [Lire la suite]