21 juin 2011

Stoneware ceramics from the Harvard Art Museums, sold to benefit the Asian Acquisition Fund

A Yaozhou celadon glazed stoneware bowl. Northern Song Period. Photo Bonhams The walls of its deep curving well divided by six radiating lines and the exterior incised with a single band below the rim, the olive green glaze applied to all surfaces except the foot pad exhibiting a dense web of craze lines and burnt to a golden brown where thinly applied around the foot area. 7 7/8in (20cm) diameter - Estimate: US$4,000 - 6,000 Property from the Harvard Art Museums, sold to benefit the Asian Acquisition Fund    A... [Lire la suite]
25 mars 2011

Ten best of Harmony of Form, Serenity of Color: A Private Collection of 'Song' Ceramics @ Sorheby"s

A Rare Imperial Numbered Jun' Narcissus Bowl, Early Ming Dynasty. photo Sotheby"s The second single owner collection of the series, Harmony of Form, Serenity of Color: A Private Collection of ‘Song’ Ceramics, achieved a total of $9,039,375, comfortably exceeding the $4.7/6.8 million estimate. The sale was led by A Rare Imperial Numbered ‘Jun’ Narcissus Bowl, Early Ming Dynasty which sold for $2,210,500, many multiples of the $200/300,000 estimate. A Very Fine Carved ‘Ding’ ‘Peony’ Dish, Northern Song Dynasty fetched $866,500,... [Lire la suite]
23 décembre 2010

Religious life in "The world of Kubilai Khan" @ Metropolitan Museum New York

Buddha, either Shakyamuni or Akshobhya, late 13th–early 14th century, Yuan dynasty (1271–1368), China. Gilt bronze; H. 13 in. (33 cm), W. 10 1/4 in. (26 cm). Lent by The Palace Museum Although this Buddha's pointed topknot, triangular face, narrow nose, powerful physique, and scanty clothing are based on Indian artistic traditions, several features suggest that this sculpture was made in China. These include the pudginess of the hands and feet and the patterning in the drapery beneath the crossed legs and on the left... [Lire la suite]
23 décembre 2010

Daily Life in "The world of Kubilai Khan" @ Metropolitan Museum, New York

The first section of the exhibition presents objects that relate to daily life in Yuan China. They include examples of men’s and women’s dresses and ornaments; vessels for ritual purposes and everyday use; and articles associated with travel. In every category, there are objects made using in traditional forms and decoration and others that display influences from Northern and Central Asia that arrived with the Mongols. Nearly all objects in this section are recent archaeological finds from China. Scene of a Family Watching a... [Lire la suite]
28 août 2010

Fine Chinese Ceramics @ Christie's, 16 September 2010

A rare biscuit-decorated blue-ground pear-shaped vase. JiaJing six-character mark written in white slip in a line and of the period  (1522-1566). Photo: Christie´s Images Ltd 2010 The body decorated on one side below the mark with a dragon leaping amidst clouds between two dragons that continue around the sides, all reserved in the biscuit and detailed in white slip in contrast to the dark blue ground, the two ribs encircling the neck and the rim of the dished mouth also left in the biscuit; 10¼ in. (26 cm.) high -... [Lire la suite]
25 août 2010

Ceramics from Song Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty & Ming Dynasty

A Longquan celadon lotus bowl. Song Dynasty. photo Bonhams Its wide, curving well rising from a flat floor and its exterior walls carved with overlapping lotus petals, the limpid gray-green glaze covering all surfaces except the foot pad. 6 1/4in (16cm) diameter - Sold for $3,965 Provenance: Ex-collection Pankow Family Trust, San Francisco;purchased Bonhams & Butterfields Fine Asian Works of Art sale, 7 June 2005, part lot 2147 A Longquan celadon glazed stoneware jar with carved floral decoration. Ming Dynasty. photo... [Lire la suite]
25 mai 2010

Chinese ceramics @ Sotheby's. Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art. 12 May 10 London

An extremely rare 'ge' brushwasher. Yuan dynasty. photo Sotheby's finely potted, the lobed flaring sides rising from a slightly concave base to an everted rim, covered overall with a thick and lustrous soft grey glaze suffused with a matrix of dark grey and gold crackles, the base with six spur marks revealing the blackish body beneath - 12.5cm., 4 7/8 in. - Est. 80,000—220,000 GBP Lot Sold 993,250 GBP NOTE: The delicate potting and glaze that thins at the rim to reveal the black body with a prominent crackled effect... [Lire la suite]
31 décembre 2009

A small zoomorphic ewer. Yue kilns - China, Jin Dynasty (265-420 century)

A small zoomorphic ewer. Yue kilns - China, Jin Dynasty (265-420 century) © Wei Asian Arts Pale green glazed pottery. L : 15 cm - Price On Request Notes: Determining the name and the function of these lion-shaped vessels has been subject of discussion among scholars. This example with an handle might have served as ewer. This pale green glazed porcelaneous ware is typical of the pottery of “yue “ or celadon wares in the province of Zhejiang. A similar example is kept in the museum of the Zhejiang Province. Ref: “Zhongguo... [Lire la suite]
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07 novembre 2009

Chinese ceramics sold @ Bonhams, 5 november 2009

A rare brown-glazed shallow circular flask, Xixia Dynasty Of compressed globular shape, the top all under a thick lustrous dark brown glaze pooling around four short loop handles set at the compass points at the outside edge, a flanged short neck aperture at one side, the centre incised through the glaze to the oatmeal biscuit with a single large calligraphic spray of leafy lotus, the underside partially under a thinner paler brown glaze wash. 27.5cm (10¾in) wide. - Sold for £8,400 Note: The dating of this lot is... [Lire la suite]
05 novembre 2009

Six ceramics from Northern Song to Ming dynasty sold @ Sotheby's London

A small 'jun' bowl. Northern Song dynasty. photo courtesy Sotheby's the rounded sides rising steeply from a splayed foot to a slightly incurved rim, all under a pale bluish-grey glaze thinning to a grey-brown colour around the rim and stopping unevenly above the foot - 8.8cm., 3 3/8 in. Est. 18,000—25,000 GBP - Sold 39,650 GBP PROVENANCE: A Japanese Private Collection. A 'yaozhou' pale-glazed tripod censer. Jin dynasty. photo courtesy Sotheby's the boldly potted rounded body supported by three animal-form feet... [Lire la suite]