01 juin 2011

An important and extremely rare rhinoceros horn deer-form libation cup. Ming dynasty, 16th/17th century.

        An important and extremely rare rhinoceros horn deer-form libation cup. Ming dynasty, 16th-17th century. Photo: Christie's Images Ltd. 2011 The hollowed cup superbly carved as a powerful full-bodied recumbent deer, its front talon-like feet contentedly crossed at the front below the chest which bears the four-character inscription, Tianlu yongchang, 'Eternal prosperity', its rear legs partially tucked beneath the body which is adorned with ruyi cloud-like swirls, the animal's head... [Lire la suite]
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01 juin 2011

A large and superbly carved archaistic 'chilong' libation cup. Ming dynasty, early 17th century, mige zhencang seal

          A large and superbly carved archaistic 'chilong' libation cup. Ming dynasty, early 17th century, mige zhencang four-character sealmark to the base. Photo: Christie's Images Ltd. 2011 The generously sized cup with an elegantly proportioned tapering body, finely carved around the mid-section in varying levels of relief with archaistic taotie masks on a leiwen ground between lappet and lotus scroll bands, the foot encircled by a narrow band of confronted archaistic dragons separated by... [Lire la suite]
31 mai 2011

Rhinoceros horn libation cups & A rare Arabic-inscribed rhinoceros horn stemcup. Late Ming dynasty

A finely carved 'Ode to the Red Cliff' rhinoceros horn libation cup. Late Ming / early Qing dynasty. Photo Bonhams Superbly carved in deep relief to depict a scene from 'Ode to the Red Cliff', depicting Su Dongpo accompanied by two other figures seated on a raft on a fast-flowing river, all below large, cragged rock faces, a cascading waterfall and over-hanging pine and wutong trees, with a scholar and attendant seated on the riverbank, a large gnarled pine tree forming the openwork handle, the horn of a warm honey tone, carved... [Lire la suite]
30 mai 2011

Song dynasty's Junyao type vase, Yingqing vase, proto-porcelain jug & Longquanyao celadon @ Czerny's

Small junyao type vase,  Fang Hu shaped. Song -Ming dynasty, 13th Century. Photo Czerny's Beautiful shape, entirely covered with thick, dark blue, dotted enamel showing, at the borders, the brown proto-porcelain typical of this period.  Excellent conditions. high 10,6 cm. Estimate 2800.00 | 3500.00 € An important Yingqing vase. Song dynasty, 13th Century. Photo Czerny's Slender, elegant shape, with two small handles depicting spirals, at the neck and the shoulder are three rows of spherical pearls. Relieved... [Lire la suite]
27 mai 2011

A Dehua tripod incense burner, ding. Late Ming dynasty

A Dehua tripod incense burner, ding. Late Ming dynasty. Photo Bonhams Raised on three slim and tall cylindrical feet, the bulbous body moulded in lower relief with a frieze of keyfret scrolls set between a pair of bow-string borders, a pair of bail handles flanked each sides at the rim, the base with four-character maker's mark 'linjie shengzhi', all on white glaze of ivory tone. 14.5cm high. Sold for HK$42,000 晚明 德化白仿古高足鼎 A similar incense burner is illustrated in Blanc de Chine, S.Marchant & Son, London, 2006, no.71;... [Lire la suite]
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27 mai 2011

Arabic-inscribed circular bronze box and cover & quatrelobed incense burner. Ming dynasty

An Arabic-inscribed circular bronze box and cover. Ming dynasty. Photo Bonhams Of large circular form, the cover cast with a central medallion enclosing an Arabic invocation within a circular border cast with continous foliate wavy scroll, the base cast with apocryphal Zhengde two-character mark. 23.8cm wide. (2). Estimate: HK$300,000 - 500,000, US$ 39,000 - 64,000. Unsold 明 梵字紋圓蓋盒 陽文「正德」篆書款 The inscription on this box is the bismallah, the formula which appears at the start of every sutra or chapter in the Qur'an, and appears... [Lire la suite]
26 mai 2011

A porcelain altar vase & An arrow porcelain vase .Ming dynasty

A porcelain altar vase. Ming dynasty (1522-1566)., mid-16th Century. Photo Czerny's Slender shape, globular body and long, trumpet-shaped neck, large curled handles with ring. Pale green glazed thick, heavy porcelain. An underglaze inscription at the body. Excellent conditions. high 32 cm. Estimate 1200.00 | 1400.00 € An arrow porcelain vase .Ming dynasty, 17th Century. Photo Czerny's Typically shaped, covered with thick, turquoise, craquelé enamel. Excellent conditions. high 18 cm. Estimate 500.00 | 600.00 € CZERNY'S... [Lire la suite]
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14 mai 2011

Wanli Blue and White @ Sotheby's. Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art, 11 May 11, London

A blue and white quatrefoil 'dragon' box and cover. Wanli Mark And Period. Photo Sotheby's of almost square section with indented corners, painted in vivid cobalt-blue tones with a lively five-clawed dragon flying amongst flame and cloud scrolls on a raised panel encompassed by a further frieze of four dragons striding amongst clouds and lingzhi sprays at the corners on the rounded sides, repeated on the box, the rims decorated with bands of scrolling lingzhi, the base with a six-character Wanli mark; 25.3cm., 10in. Estimate... [Lire la suite]
10 mai 2011

A rare large Blue and White 'Lotus Bouquet' dish. Ming Dynasty, Yongle period

A rare large Blue and White 'Lotus Bouquet' dish. Ming Dynasty, Yongle period.  Photo Sotheby's well potted with a broad flat base rising to shallow rounded sides, painted in the centre in vivid tones of cobalt with a lotus bouquet of thin lotus stalks, arrowhead, pondweed and millet tied together with a ribbon, enclosed on the cavetto with a composite floral scroll of camellia, chrysanthemum, lotus, and peony, all below a wave border, the exterior painted with a similar composite scroll between a band of 'classic' scroll... [Lire la suite]
09 mai 2011

Rhinoceros Horn Libation cups from the Edward and Franklin Chow Collection

A figural rhinoceros horn libation cup. Qing dynasty, 17th-18th century. Photo Sotheby's the amber and black toned horn carved with the scene of King Wen of Zhou inviting the retired scholar Jiang Ziya to return to official duties, the scholar seen opposite the handle seated beneath a willow tree fishing on the banks of the a river with the king standing next to him, behind a rock an attendant stands holding a large fan, on the opposite side a canopy and fan float above the clouds, the handle formed by openwork paulownia and pine... [Lire la suite]