30 mai 2010

Qianlong copper-red glazed dish, copper-red glazed stem bowl & blue-glazed bowl

A copper-red glazed dish. Qianlong six-character mark within a double circle and of the period. photo Bonhams The finely potted dish with elegant flaring sides, the interior and underside covered in a rich red glaze. 7.6cm (6 3/4in) diam. Estimate: HK$60,000 - 80,000, USD 7,700 - 10,000 Unsold清乾隆 霽紅釉盤 雙圈六字楷書款The six-character mark, inscribed in three columns on the base, is written in kaishu, suggesting that the dish is from the early years of Qianlong's reign. A fine copper-red glazed stem bowl. Qianlong... [Lire la suite]