02 juillet 2011

Robe de cocktail Roberto Capucci Alta Moda, circa 1980 & Blouse CAPUCCI Paris - Rome, circa 1960

Roberto Capucci Alta Moda, circa 1980. Photo Cornette de Saint Cyr Robe de cocktail en soie marine, encolure bateau sous deux volets d'inspiration renaissance gansé d'un biais de shantung multicolore se continuant sur les manches, jupe droite à taille légèrement froncée soulignée d'une ceinture. Griffe noire, graphisme blanc - Estimation : 8 000 / 10 000 € CAPUCCI Paris - Rome, circa 1960. Photo Cornette de Saint Cyr Blouse en soie à effet de mille raies écrues, encolure ronde soulignée d'une broderie de perles violette,... [Lire la suite]
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25 mars 2011

"Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion" @ Philadelphia Museum of Art

 Roberto Capucci, 2001. By Fiorenzo Niccoli. Courtesy of the Philadelphia Museum of Art PHILADELPHIA, PA.- Roberto Capucci, a master of color, form, and innovative silhouettes, was one of the founders of modern Italian fashion in the early 1950s. Today, after six decades of creative achievement, he remains one of Italy’s most influential and imaginative artist-couturiers. Capucci (b. 1930) captured the attention of the international press at an early age, drawing praise from designers such as Christian Dior when he was still a... [Lire la suite]
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09 août 2009

1980s Roberto Capucci Couture Sculpted Ballgown, Rome

1980s Roberto Capucci Couture Sculpted Ballgown, Rome Built from bottom up, this couture gown is made of 100% textured silk and completely 3-dimensional. 100% Silk and 100% Bemberg Lining. size: 10/12 US, bust: 17 in., waist: 15.5 in., hip: 18.5 in., length: 60.5 in. Price contact dealer Torso Vintages. 272 Sutter St. San Francisco CA, 94108 - Phone: 415 391 3166 - E-Mail: john@torsovintages.com
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13 mai 2009

"Armour & Gown" @ Museum Tinguely in Basel

Battle armour for heavy cavalry, 17th century (c. 28.5 kg) Landeszeughaus Graz, Landesmuseum Joanneum © LMJ, Photo: Nicolas Lackner BASEL.- The genesis of the "Armour & Gown" exhibition lies in another exhibition. In 1991, an unforgettable, indeed dazzling, tournament was staged at the Hofburg in Vienna under the title of "Gowns as Armour". Armour from the Hofburg Collection of Arms and Armour, the world's greatest display of this exquisite form of cultural achievement, though now largely viewed as... [Lire la suite]
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11 avril 2009

Roberto Capucci at Palazzo Fortuny

Roberto Capucci . La donna gioiello[Woman jewel]. Black red and white taffetas, mask in red fibreglass, red white and black headcap, red and white brass enamel strings. Costume by Roberto Capucci for the Venice Carneval Kindly donated by the artist to the Fortuny Museum, February 1984 . Photo: Andrea Melzi and Efrat Kuper Roberto Capucci and Mariano Fortuny: artistic forms and ideas.Mariano – painter, set designer, inventor of lights and costumes, alchemist of fabric prints; Roberto – artist-architect, creator of complex forms... [Lire la suite]
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