12 décembre 2010

Ancient Roman Jewelry @ Christie's New Yok

Three Roman gold-mounted sardonyx cameos. Circa 1st-2nd century A.D. and 3rd century  A.D.  Photo: Christie's Images Ltd. 2010 All once serving as the central element of an elaborate necklace of the 3rd century, each cameo mounted in an oval bezel with a pierced-work palmette frame, joined to each other by hooks and loops, an additional hook above the central element, centered by a large stone, carved in three layers, brown on white on dark brown, with a portrait bust of the young Emperor Nero, circa 54-59 A.D., in... [Lire la suite]
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16 septembre 2010

Ancient Roman Mosaic from Israel on View @ Metropolitan Museum

Mosaic Floor. Roman, ca. A.D. 300. Excavated at Lod (Lydda), Israel. Stone tesserae. Israel Antiquities Authority and the Shelby White and Leon Levy Lod Mosaic Center. Image: Courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority September 28, 2010–April 3, 2011 In 1996, workmen widening the Jerusalem–Tel Aviv road in Lod (formerly Lydda), Israel, made a startling discovery: signs of a Roman mosaic pavement were found about three feet below the modern ground surface. A rescue excavation was conducted immediately by the Israel... [Lire la suite]
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14 septembre 2010

The Crosby Garrett Helmet @ Christie's

The Crosby Garrett Helmet dates from the late 1st-2nd Century A.D. Photo: Christie's Images Ltd 2010. LONDON.- The auction of Antiquities on 7 October at Christie’s South Kensington will offer an exceptional survival from Roman Britain discovered by a metal detectorist. Discovered in Cumbria, in May 2010, the Crosby Garrett Helmet dates from the late 1st-2nd Century A.D. and is one of only three comparable examples ever to have been discovered in the United Kingdom complete with face-mask in the last 250 years. It will be on... [Lire la suite]
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08 septembre 2010

BARCELONA:- A Roman emperors tiara on display as part of the Raffel Pages collection at the Diocesan Museum of Barcelona, northeastern Spain, 07 September 2010. The exhibition features over 400 hairdressing tools used in the 18th and 19th centuries, including Marie Antoinettes hairdressers scissors, Grace Kellys wig and hair locks of the four members of the Beatles. EPA/XAVIER BERTRAL.
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04 juillet 2010

Recently Acquired "Green Lady" Returns to Yale University Art Gallery

Pre- and post-conservation images of Figure of a Woman, Roman, 1st century B.C.–early 1st century A.D. Marble. Yale University Art Gallery, Purchased with the Ruth Elizabeth White and Leonard C. Hanna, Jr., B.A. 1913, Fund. NEW HAVEN, CT.- The Yale University Art Gallery announced the installation of a recent and important acquisition that showcases portraiture traditions of the late Hellenistic and early Roman era and 21st century conservation methods. Acquired in 2007, and affectionately known to Gallery staff as the “Green... [Lire la suite]
16 mai 2010

Cleveland Museum of Art's Renowned Antiquities Collections Return to View

Coffin of Bakenmut, c. 1000-900 BC. Egypt, Third Intermediate Period, late Dynasty 21- early Dynasty 22. Gessoed and painted sycamore fig; 68 x 208 cm. Gift of the John Huntington Art and Polytechnic Trust. CLEVELAND, OH.- After a five-year hiatus, the Cleveland Museum of Art’s (CMA) collections from the ancient Near East, Greece, Rome, Egypt and Africa, as well as works from Late Antiquity, the Byzantine Empire and the European Middle Ages, will return to public view on June 26. The new presentation will trace the evolution of... [Lire la suite]
14 mai 2010

Rare Roman Marble Relief Leads Christie's Auction of Antiquities

NEW YORK, NY.- Christie's announced the sale of Antiquities on June 10, which will offer over 150 lots with a stunning selection of Roman marbles, Greek helmets and vases, and Egyptian art. The highlight of the sale is a rare Roman marble relief from the Julio-Claudian period, circa early 1st century A.D., that depicts the Emperor Tiberius standing before a seated Genius with the goddess Concordia between them as intermediary. This outstanding Imperial commission, perhaps from an altar or other civic monument, is superbly sculpted in... [Lire la suite]
22 avril 2010

A Collector's Menagerie: Animal Sculpture from the Ancient World

Bactrian stone head of a goat, 3rd millennium BC. Height: 10 cm Ever since he first drew on the walls of his cave, man has had the desire to depict the creatures around him. The Sladmore Gallery, 57 Jermyn Street, St James’s, London, is renowned for exhibiting animal sculpture from the last 200 years, and has now invited Rupert Wace Ancient Art to introduce collectors to a veritable menagerie from the ancient world, spanning a period of some 2,400 years. A Collector’s Menagerie: Animal Sculpture from the Ancient World will... [Lire la suite]
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23 février 2010

Important Antiquities Lent by Republic of Italy on View at Metropolitan Museum

'Terracotta Kylix' (drinking cup), Greek, Laconian, ca. 575-560 B.C. Attributed to the Boread Painter. From Cerveteri, Banditaccia cemetery, tomb 1, inv. 106335. Interior, Boreads pursuing harpies, with a sphinx below. Lent by the Republic of Italy, 2010. NEW YORK, NY.- A rare, recently excavated ancient Roman dining set consisting of 20 silver objects—one of only three such sets from the region of Pompeii known to exist in the world—and an important ancient Greek kylix (or drinking cup) have been installed in The Metropolitan... [Lire la suite]
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21 novembre 2009

Christie's to Offer Exquisite Antiquities and Ancient Jewelry this December

A late Roman sardonyx cameo portrait of the Emperor Constantine. Circa early 4th-Century A.D. Estimate: $150,000-250,000. Photo: Christie's Images Ltd. 2009. NEW YORK, NY.- Christie’s will present two sales of ancient art, Antiquities and Ancient Jewelry, on December 11 featuring over 350 lots showcasing the broad range of works from Predynastic Egypt through to the Roman period. Highlights of the Antiquities sale include a stunning Roman marble torso of Venus, a Roman marble portrait head of the emperor Hadrian, and a... [Lire la suite]