29 mars 2011

Sotheby's Presents Beautiful and Rare Objects from Its Sale of Arts of the Islamic World

A Highly Important Mamluk Armorial Candlestick made for Sayf al-Din Qushtumur, major-domo of Tuquztamur al-Hamawi, Mamluk viceroy of Egypt (1340-1) and Syria (1342-5) Est: £2,000,000 - 3,000,000. Photo: Sotheby's LONDON.- Sotheby’s sale of the Arts of the Islamic World to take place in London on the 6th April will offer an array of beautiful and rare objects, paintings and manuscripts which highlight the achievements of artists and craftsmen from across the Muslim world. The sale is particularly rich in works which reveal the... [Lire la suite]
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01 janvier 2011

"Passion for Perfection" @ De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam

Portrait miniature of the Qajar ruler, Fath‘ali Shah, Iran, early 19th century. Gold sheet, painted with opaque and translucent enamels, JLY 1231 © Nour Foundation AMSTERDAM.- De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam presents highlights from one of the world’s most renowned collections of Islamic art. Passion for Perfection will include some 500 objects from the collection of Professor Nasser D. Khalili. On view through April 17 2011, De Nieuwe Kerk glitters with richly illuminated Qur’ans and manuscripts, paintings, gold, jewels,... [Lire la suite]
11 octobre 2009

A collection of Fatimid glasses, probably Egypt or Syria, 9th-10th century & 10th-11th century

A Fatimid clear cut-glass bottle, Egypt or Syria, 10th-11th century. photo Sotheby's of cylindrical form on a short spreading foot, with a narrow neck and everted rim, gently sloping shoulders leading to the body decorated with two relief-cut curved and etched vine scrolls with upward and downward-pointing palmette terminals. 6.5cm. height. Est. 20,000—30,000 GBP - Sold 73,250 GBP NOTE: This bottle was produced during the Fatimid period for use as a container for perfume and scented oils. A rock-crystal bottle of similar... [Lire la suite]
11 octobre 2009

Three Blue and White pottery, Mamluk or Timurid and Safavid, Chinese inspired

A Mamluk or Timurid blue and white pottery bottle, Syria or Persia, 15th century. photo Sotheby's the pear-shaped body with narrow tapering neck and straight raised foot, decorated in underglaze cobalt blue with an arabesque of scrolling tendrils issuing cloudband leaves and lotus heads. 28cm. height. Est. 5,000—8,000 GBP - Sold 12,500 GBP A Safavid Gombroon pottery bowl, Persia, 17th century. photo Sotheby's of elegant rounded form with a raised central boss enclosed by an eight-petalled rosette painted in blue, the... [Lire la suite]
07 avril 2009

A glass Perfume Bottle. Syria, 7th-9th Century

A glass Perfume Bottle. Syria, 7th-9th Century free-blown in greenish-colourless glass, the funnel mouth with a rounded rim and hollow flange on an elongated ovoid body tapering to a knob-like base, the upper part decorated with two thick vertical pincered trails in contrasting bluish-green glass, while the four similar trails in alternating bluish-green and colourless glass on the lower body also form feet on which teh vessel stands. 9.2 cm. high. Estimate: £800 - 1,200. Unsold Bonhams. Islamic & Indian Art, 2... [Lire la suite]
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07 avril 2009

A rare stemmed glass Goblet. Persia or Syria, 10th - 13th Centuries

A rare stemmed glass Goblet.  Persia or Syria, 10th - 13th Centuries finely blown in a yellowish-colourless glass, the tall rounded funnel bowl on a slender solid stem and splayed foot with a rounded edge, the bowl decorated with three horizontal trails enclosing in the upper band a row of alternate bluish-green and colourless applied prunts, and below, two rows of alternately coloured prunts. 7 cm. diam., 12.8 cm. high. Sold for £2,400 Footnote: This rare glass is very closely related to a small group of stemmed... [Lire la suite]
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23 mars 2009

A Mamluk Enamelled Glass Flask, Egypt or Syria, Mid-14th Century

A Mamluk Enamelled Glass Flask, Egypt or Syria, Mid-14th Century The rounded body with flatter underside and short foot, rising to a slowly widening tubular mouth, the broad rounded shoulder with a main band of three large roundels each containing a small central blue bird combat roundel within a band of meandering flowering vine, the interstices with floral designs, above a band of blue roundels with animal combat groups alternating with drop-shaped panels, remains of similar designs around the neck, surface decoration now... [Lire la suite]
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20 mars 2009

A Mamluk blue and white pottery bowl, Syria, 14th-15th century

A Mamluk blue and white pottery bowl, Syria, 14th-15th century of deep rounded form with slightly inverted rim, on a short foot decorated in cobalt blue under a transparent glittering glaze, outlined in black, with a central bisected hexagon enclosing two large foliate motifs on a blue ground further enclosed by circular bands containing geometric and cross-hatched patterns, the rim with a dotted design, the exterior with a pattern of spiralling motifs. 24cm. diam. Estimate 7,000—9,000 GBP NOTE: The body is typically Syrian:... [Lire la suite]
20 mars 2009

A Mamluk blue and white ceramic pot, Syria, late 14th-15th century

A Mamluk blue and white ceramic pot, Syria, late 14th-15th century of slightly waisted cylindrical form with everted rim, on short foot, with curved handle running from body to mouth, decorated in blue and white with continuous band of scrolling chevrons set against a background of geometric decoration. Estimate 5,000—7,000 GBP NOTE: inscriptions repetition of:'al-izz wa al-iqbal' The present piece belongs to a group of closed shape Syrian and Damascan pots which share the same distinct concave cylindrical form. It is... [Lire la suite]
04 mars 2009

Inaugural Sale of Arts of the Islamic World @ Sotheby's in Doha

A Safavid voided silk velvet, metal thread strip and bouclé figural panel, Persia Estimated $250,000 – 350,000. Photo: Courtesy Sotheby's LONDON.- Sotheby’s first ever Arts of the Islamic World auction in the Middle East, which takes place on March 19th 2009 will feature a number of exceptional and rare works spanning nearly 1,000 years from cultures as diverse as those from North Africa, the Middle East and Iran. Among the highlights of the sale are the Pearl Carpet of Baroda, a masterpiece of pearls and jewels from... [Lire la suite]