14 juillet 2009

Vera Lutter @ Gagosian Gallery, Los Angeles

Vera Lutter, Campo Santa Sofia, Venice, XV: December 12, 2007. Unique gelato silver print, 68 5/16 X 56 in. LOS ANGELES, CA.- Gagosian Gallery announced an exhibition of large-scale unique photographs by Vera Lutter. This is her first exhibition in Los Angeles. In Lutter's conceptual approach to the camera obscura, the most rudimentary form of photography, the apparatus records in a very direct and immediate way what exists in the world outside. By choosing to retain the negative image, she transforms the visual facts of her... [Lire la suite]
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18 avril 2009

Vera Lutter : Samar Hussein @ Carolina Nitsch Contemporary Art

Vera Lutter, Ali Jassim from Suite of nine Giclee prints Carolina Nitsch is pleased to present Samar Hussein by Vera Lutter at Carolina Nitsch Project Room in Chelsea, New York. This exhibition is a two part presentation including a DVD wall projection of an endless loop of images and a portfolio of nine prints. Vera Lutter, Mohammed Jassim from Suite of nine Giclee prints “Images of a blooming Hibiscus plant are used to allude to the cycle of human life, from the unfurling of the first bud to the rotting of a... [Lire la suite]
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