25 novembre 2010

'Eggplant'and "pumpkin" snuff bottles @ Bonhams Hong Kong

An inscribed coconut-shell and green lacquer 'eggplant' snuff bottle. Deng Erpi, 1900-1954. photo Bonhams (the bottle probably Imperial, attributed to the palace workshops, Beijing, 1723–1800), 7cm high (including original stopper). Sold for HK$72,000 :Treasury 7, no. 1651椰殼茄形鼻煙壺壺: 大概為御製品,推定為宮廷作坊所作,北京,1723-1800銘: 鄧爾疋,1900-1954A Request from Fenfu Dwarf coconut, stained ivory, and green lacquer; made in the form of an eggplant, the fruit of coconut, the calyx of green-stained ivory covered in green lacquer;... [Lire la suite]