A Chinese Imperial porcelain wucai saucer dish.  Six-character mark of Jiajing within a double ring in underglaze blue, Kangxi, 1662-1722. Courtesy Marchant

painted in the centre with two iron-red carp, one leaping from the water and the other swimming beneath, all amongst lotus leaves, flowers, arrowhead, grasses and aquatic plants, encircled by an underglaze-blue double ring, the cavetto with four further carp and a mandarin fish amongst dense aquatic plants, flowerheads and grasses, beneath an underglaze-blue double line at the rim, the underside similarly painted. 8 ¼ inches, 20.9 cm  diameter. Price on request

Formerly in a private English collection.

An identical dish is illustrated by Wang Qingzheng in Kangxi Porcelain Wares from the Shanghai Museum Collection, no. 178, p. 272.

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