28 avril 2011

A fine and large rhinoceros horn carved cup, 19th century.

A fine and large rhinoceros horn carved cup, 19th century. photo Bonhams Deeply hollowed and well carved along all the length of the curving tusk, below the plain cup carved as a flower head, with small figures singly and grouped scattered irregularly through a ground of scrolling lingzhi, pine, magnolia and other foliage, the surface dark patinated and with a lustrous polish. 56cm (22in) long. Estimate: £30,000 - 50,000, HKD 380,000 - 630,000, $ 49,000 - 82,000 Provenance: an English private collectionAnother example of this... [Lire la suite]
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29 août 2010

Rare gilt-bronze bird-form weight, parcel-gilt silver cup & box and cover. Tang dynasty (618-907)

A very rare gilt-bronze bird-form weight. Tang dynasty (618-907). Photo: Christie´s Images Ltd 2010 Possibly a sleeve weight, finely cast as two birds nestling against one another, their claws and tail feathers interlocked and their wings overlapping on the reverse; 2 7/8 in. (7.3 cm.) long - Estimate $65,000 - $75,000 Provenance: L. Wannieck, Berlin.W.W. Winkworth Collection, London.The Fabbri Collection, Milan; Sotheby's, London, 10 June 1986, lot 36.J.J. Lally & Co., New York. Literature: R. Kleiner, Chinese... [Lire la suite]
23 mars 2010

A large and rare carved rhinoceros horn cup. Ming dynasty, 16th / 17th century

A large and rare carved rhinoceros horn cup. Ming dynasty, 16th / 17th century. photo courtesy Sotheby's superbly carved in high-relief and openwork with the central figure of Shoulao riding a crane descending from the clouds to the Land of Immortals to meet the Eight Daoist Immortals, each standing on rocky outcrops by a fruiting peach tree, accompanied by a recumbent deer that grasps a sprig of lingzhi in its mouth, the interior of the cup incised to represent the veins of a lotus leaf, the wavy edges forming the rim, the... [Lire la suite]
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30 octobre 2009

A fine pair of yellow-glazed cups. Marks and period of Kangxi

A fine pair of yellow-glazed cups. Marks and period of Kangxi. photo Sotheby's each delicately potted, the egg-shell thin sides of the deep U-shaped cups moulded in low-relief on the exterior with a narrow register of two pairs of confronting archaistic phoenix, flanked on the sides by a pair of thin phoenix-shaped handles, supported on a short straight foot, all beneath a pale lemon-yellow glaze, the interior and underside glazed white, the base marked in underglaze blue with a six-character reign mark within double... [Lire la suite]
11 juillet 2009

A selection of late 15th/Early 16th Century vietnamese ceramics from Hoi An Hoard @ Bonhams San Francisco

A selection of twenty-two blue and white jars and jarlets. Late 15th/Early 16th Century Including eight miniature jars painted with leafy sprays below a petal neck band; eight similar small jarlets decorated with bands of song birds amid foliate sprays; four ovoid jars girded by blossoming leafy sprays; and two squared jars with shaped floral reserves below a neck cloud-collar band. 1 1/2 and 2 7/8in (3.1 and 7.3cm) average heights - Estimate: $400 - 600 A selection of eighteen blue and white jars and jarlets. Late... [Lire la suite]
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25 juin 2009

A collection of jade brush washer, brush rest, brush pot, cups, water coupes and carvings

A carved white jade brush pot. Qing Dynasty Finely carved to resemble a plum tree trunk, a magpie perched on one of its blooming branches, all rendered in high relief and some deep undercutting; the evenly hued stone polished to a soft luster marked with pinpoint icy-white inclusions and a few dark spots. 4 1/4in (10.8cm) high. Estimate: $7,000 - 10,000 A mottled greenish white jade water coupe. 17th/18th Century The ovoid contours of the boulder ingeniously retained to create a shallow basin shaped as two... [Lire la suite]
20 juin 2009

A rare rhinoceros horn cup. 18th/19th Century

A rare rhinoceros horn cup. 18th-19th Century Of gently curving profile, depicting a raft coursing through finely detailed waves and tree branches, the wider end possibly presenting Zhang Qian, the famous Han Dynasty explorer, seated on a bench reading a book beneath openwork decoration, a fly-whisk resting on his lap, the narrow end fluted and hollowed; the horn of deep opaque chestnut color graduating to a semi-translucent honey tone; with a matching wood stand in wave patterns. 13 12/in (34.3cm) long - Estimate: $60,000... [Lire la suite]
24 mai 2009

A 'Ming-style' blue and white cup. Qing dynasty, Yongzheng period

A 'Ming-style' blue and white cup. Qing dynasty, Yongzheng period the thinly potted deep U-shaped body rising from a recessed base to a slightly flaring rim, delicately painted in Chenghua style in shades of underglaze cobalt-blue with two pairs of song birds perched on fruiting and flowering branches, all between thin lines at the base and rim, the interior with a medallion enclosing four cloud collar lappets, each lappet and a central ring enclosing a single character in lanca script, the base with an apocryphal Chenghua... [Lire la suite]
11 mai 2009

A pair of 'doucai' cups. Kangxi marks and period

A pair of 'doucai' cups. Kangxi marks and period each delicately potted with deep rounded sides rising from a short straight foot to an everted rim, delicately painted around the exterior with leafy floral medallions between double lines at the foot and rim. 7.5cm., 3in. Est. 15,000—20,000 GBP PROVENANCE: Private Collection, England. Sotheby's. Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art. 13 May 09. London www.sothebys.com photo courtesy Sotheby's.
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